tête à tête

"an intimate reflection"

  • A 1 to 1 act  of 1 minute.


  • A short " profound " magical encounter still long will resonate .


"A day of relaxing certainly tries a man."


  •  a hilarious mime act
  • plenty of slapstick and absurdity .
  •  duration : 35 min
  •  theatre of streetperformance.


"A one-man circus."


  •  for kids
  • everything is ready and so is the audience, but where are the artists? Drits the Clown seems to be the only one present and he tries to start the show with a little help from the audience.


  • duration : 2 x 30 min


"Een heavy-rock problem."


  •  during this zany drumsolo his image is being put to the test, but the show must go on.


  • duration : 15 min
  •  ideal as an inbetweenie.

Guitarra Español

"Painfully emotional flamenco."


  •  musical clown exceeds his own (pain)limits to reach the ultimate 'sonido' (sound)
  • Ideal as an inbetweenie.