Mobile acts


Freddy Flash

" modern photography, the old-fashioned way."

  • a photographer dressed in a pre-war outfit puts bystanders in the right pose to take 'character'-pictures.
  • these digitalised pictures can be admired on the internet.


"A matter of trial and error."

  • this cyclist defies every law of gravity - a strange character tries to ride an even stranger bike.
  • streetperformance

Toy Soldier

"Wound up rascal"

  • a funny interactive robot/mime act.
  • suitable for receptions, indoor- and outdoorparties.





"For a better environment."

  • someone with a strongly developed olfactory organ keeps the environment clean by means of a mobile suction pipe.
  • indoor and outdoor.

Circus Curlicue

"Little wonder."


  • a mobile full-automatic mini-puppettheatre.

lucky chalm

" Eastern philosophical foolishness "

  • short interactions of these " oriental seller " , provide the public with a beatific smile.





  • absurd humor passers do stop , amazing, smiling ....


security first




"on a flying carpet"

  •  fakir Aladin, sitting and flying on a carpet  do sometimes funny magic tricks.

Funny Flying Fakir